Simplifying Benefit Administration

With over forty years of experience in the field of employee benefits administration and health insurance, Benefits Administration & Insurance Services, LLC can provide innovative solutions to solve the most complex benefit offering. We offer self-funded benefit solutions to both large and small businesses and specialize in the agriculture, restaurant, manufacturing industries, to name a few.

With BA & IS, you have access to healthcare expertise and a high level of quality customer service to administer all aspects of benefit administration, enrollment, Plan Documents, billing, monthly reporting and HR support. With our wide-ranging resources, we have creative options to address the benefit needs of any group. Let us help you find the right cost-effective solution for your employees.

Administration Services

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Benefits & Claims Administration

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Over-the-Border Network Contracting

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Cobra Administration

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Administration of HRA & FSA Plans



Is Self-Funding Right for You?


The cost of a self-funded plan has fixed components similar to an insurance premium, such as administration fees, PPO access fees and possibly stop-loss insurance. Like an insurance premium, fixed costs are billed monthly based on plan enrollment. In a self-funded plan, the employer also pays the claims costs incurred by those enrolled in the plan. This cost varies from month to month based on health care use. The total cost of a self-funded plan, therefore, is the fixed costs plus claims expense. If the employer has lower that expect utilization, they keep that “profit."


We can help determine whether self-funding is appropriate by reviewing a current employee census, premium rate history, and the parameters of your current plan. Most importantly, analyzing these items will help us evaluate all the alternative strategies available. We will work with you and your Broker to determine proper levels of coverage and all necessary plan components.

In a traditional insured plan, your company pays a premium. Rates are fixed for a year, and monthly premiums are based on the number of employees enrolled. The insurer collects the premiums and pays the health care claims based on the policy’s benefits. Covered persons are responsible for required deductibles or co-payments. If claims for the year are less than what the carrier had anticipated that is excess profit for the carrier.


Since 1974 self-funding has been an option for employers, and becoming quite common for larger employers. But over the last decade it has become more and more common for smaller companies, some with no more than 25 employees, to establish self-funded health plans. The only way to determine if self-funding is appropriate for your organization is to let us review a current employee census, premium rate history and actual claims experience (if available).




BA&IS is fortunate in finding the special individuals that make up our staff. Everyone understands the importance of providing an unparalleled level of service to our clients and their employees. We strive to meet all the needs of our plan members, from having experienced bilingual staff to answer telephone inquiries and produce needed documents to finding the needed solution that might just be “out of the box."

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Glen Michael

CEBS, CLU, ChFC, ALHC, HIA, is the PRINCIPLE of Benefits Administration & Insurance Services, LLC

With experience gained from working with major insurance carriers, multiemployer welfare plans and large self-funded, self- administered employers Glen has been involved the providing innovative solutions to employers for over forty years.

He can help an employer build the desired benefit program from the ground up, providing access to multiple provider networks, pharmacy management firms, stop-loss carriers and other ancillary vendors, while ensuring compliance with Federal laws and regulations.

His extensive background in administering a wide variety of plans helps bring “outside the box” solutions to complex benefit issues. Glen understands that quality client service is what separates the valued administrators from the mediocre administrators and strives to ensure that the staff at BA&IS exceed our client expectations.

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Marjorie Taylor

Manager of Administration

Marjorie joined BA&IS in 2014, and she has over 25 years of experience in the administration of self-funded benefit plans. She oversees eligibility; enrollment; billing; claims funding; and daily administration for the Self-Funded clients of BA&IS. She handles and resolves any problems or issues relating to accounting, eligibility, or pharmacy systems and she is committed to providing superior service to our clients.

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David Aldana

Manager of Client Services

David joined BA&IS in 2014 with over 10 years of experience in employer benefits and a background in Human Resources. He serves as main contact for client support, plan implementation, enrollment meetings, reporting services, and liaison for broker/agents. He is also involved in the development and maintenance of our extensive network of contracted providers in the border cities in Mexico. David prides himself in his ability to provide solutions and to assist our clients with an extensive understanding of the regulatory complexities that employers face.

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Tania Rudisill

COBRA Administrator

Tania joined BA&IS in 2008.  Her prior experiences have been in advertising, public relations, marketing, investments, and insurance. She is responsible for many areas including COBRA, Section 125, enrollments, changes, and terminations for medical coverage.  Tania is fluent in Spanish.  She also coordinates our services with our Mexican Network providers and assists in the preparation and translation of documents.